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    Cheats Unlockables Hints Easter Eggs Glitches Guides. Achievements We have no tips for Clive Barker s Undying yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them. Map Names Use one of the following values with the start map name code. Note: Maps that start with CU are intermission sequences. The Playground and SmokeTest are test levels. Aeons Catacombs_Cisterns Catacombs_Cliffs Catacombs_Entrance. Catacombs_Exit Catacombs_Exit_After Catacombs_LairOfLizbeth Catacombs_LairOfLizbethPostCU Catacombs_LowerLevel Catacombs_SaintsHall Catacombs_Tunnels. Catacombs_WellRoom Catacombs_WindChamber CU_01 CU_02 CU_03 CU_04 CU_05. CU_06 CU_07 CU_08 CU_09 CU_10 CU_11 CU_12. CU_13 Entry EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Arch EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Arena EternalAutumn_FinalFight_ArenaBattle EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Ruins EternalAutumn_Ravines_Airie_Interior EternalAutumn_Ravines_Bridge EternalAutumn_Ravines_Chase.

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